TeamPlus Ltd was created since June 2017, as an Events’ organizer in Team Building, Modelling, Marketing , Productions, Casting and Events Ticketing for corporate and individual groups. We are focus on Business Management, Events for individuals, groups, general public and corporate , Productions of Music Video and Films, Casting for Advertising and Films, Marketing and promotion of products and Team Building under our trade name: TeamPlus Ltd. “One Team, One Beat” is our motto of how we operate, with a new vision of what a team must be, our product differentiation, we want to take our client on a tour outside the box, to create interactive and dynamic activities. We want to be innovative with a team at their full potential, we cannot stay only within what we are given, and it is proven that we can do it by getting inspirations, creativity and organizational capabilities, which will lead to the bonding of all members of a team, therefore, getting solid and stronger.

We are a young team focus on quality as well as customer satisfactions as we like to go extra miles to services better, to give a high-class service for having a returning customer. We focus on having our clients trusting on our team for creating a bond with him to stay with us for years to come.